Press Release

Announcement: Change of Company Name to Remedy & Company Corporation(Formerly intellim Holdings Corporation)

We are delighted to inform you that intellim Holdings Corporation (who’s President & Group CEO: Masakuni Ukita/Tokyo Head Office: Taito-ku, Tokyo), as from April 1, 2022, will change its name to Remedy & Company Corporation. (https://www.remedy-company.com)

With this transition, Remedy & Company will continue striving as an innovative health-tech company. Meanwhile, the rest of the group companies; intellim Corporation, iRIS Corporation, and Quantum Healthcare Corporation will remain as such and continue to provide the same services known to its customers.


intellim Holidings Corporation was founded in 2005 with the aim of entering the medical industry, a hurdle that was set by starting from scratch and running with a venture spirit. 16 years later, intellim Holdings Corporation has grown to become the largest independent CRO in Japan.
Our objective is to achieve further growth in the world of healthcare and life sciences, with our clients by not staying with the status quo, but going beyond the boundaries of the CRO industry, making full use of IT technology and innovation, and running endlessly toward the global stage as a leading health-tech company from Japan.

Future Management Policy

“Invent the future with technology, change the world, and REMEDY through innovation”
We will create the future and change the world by combining our three platforms, "Professional","Infrastructure" and "Network" with technology to invent the future and change the world. Through innovating, we provide unprecedented new value and success to all of our customers.

About Remedy & Company
Company Name: Remedy & Company Corporation
Representative: Founder and CEO Masakuni Ukita
Establishment Date: April 1, 2022
Business: ・DX solutions and consultancy business related to medical and drug Development.
・Development of advanced medical platforms in Japan and overseas

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Our New Logo and Concept

Remedy & Company's new logo reflects variety meanings, such as: being a health-tech platform company that embraces all kinds of innovation utilizing IT technologies; being a company that never stays in the status quo but is always changing and innovating; being a company that is not just a Japanese company but a global player in the health-tech industry. It represents the strength of the company as it expands and pushes forward in Asia and globally. The blank spaces in the logo represent development and expansion also innovation that is generated by the intersection of new technologies and people, like pieces of a puzzle.