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Invent the future with technology, change the world, and deliver REMEDY through innovation.

Founder and CEO
Masakuni Ukita

Remedy & Company is committed to innovation through technology to reduce the number of illnesses, inconveniences, misfortunes, and sorrows in the world and to generate smiles, joys, and happiness to worldwide.

Our mission is to invent services and innovations that has not existed and to REMEDY the world as a technology platform leader.

After the COVID-19, we have been going through the global digital revolution to move into a new way of life and a new dimension.

We have formed various clinical trial systems and platforms in Asia and Japan, with extensive track record and reputation.
In addition to our existing businesses, we will continue to introduce new innovations in the fields of DX, DTx, and Metaverse as world leading business models.

We will continue to provide value to the world, to healthcare for all our customers as a global health tech company from Japan. Adapting with the latest technology in order to remain the one and only company for our stakeholders and world society.