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About Remedy group's
Oncology Development.

Remedy group's experienced Project managers will support you in your Oncology developments.
Fully-Packaged Service is now available in Japan and Asia.
Over 20-year experienced staff member will support your Oncology development processes.

Message from Leader of
Oncology Development.

We Provide Strong Support for Oncology Development.

Masahiko Sakamoto

Leader of Remedy group Oncology field:Masahiko Sakamoto

It has become commonplace to outsource all development activities of new drugs as well as generic drugs to a CRO from the early stages In such situations, the differences in the expertise of each CRO affects the success or failure of development.

In anticipation of such an era, from the time of its establishment, our oncology development department has set the goal of "oncology development expertise level equal to or higher than that of development departments in pharmaceutical companies".

Today, we have grown to the point where we receive consultation requests on rare diseases, early phase development strategies, suitable site selection, among others.

We promise to provide strong support from the early stage of development of the valued drug developed by your company to the application for approval, as well during as post-marketing activities.

Early development:We work together with you to search for the indication area of the drug based on its non-clinical data, PK profile, and the characteristics of its similar drugs. We consider and predict not only the simple medicinal efficacy, but also the hurdles in the indication area at launch, development costs, market size, and applicable drug prices.

Early Stage of Clinical Development:We propose development strategies, create protocol synopsis, propose suitable study sites, and form a plan for feasibility and an appropriate schedule of the clinical trial. We can also offer you proper advice from our special advisors if necessary.

Middle Stage of Clinical Development:We will support you when patient enrollment is not progressing well (research on related hospitals, web registration, proposal of additional sites, and others).

Background as a Consultant

Over 20 years of development experience with foreign and domestic companies in oncology, as well as experience with post-launch marketing.

Experienced Therapeutic Areas
NSCLC, Breast Cancer, Ovarian cancer, NHL, Head and neck cancer, GIST, Kidney cancer, Multiple myeloma, MDS, CLL, Glioma, Colorectal cancer, Malignant mesothelioma, Neuroendocrine tumor, Bladder cancer, Prostate, Sarcoma, Tumor lysis Infectious virus (Malignant mesothelioma, Esophageal cancer, Liver cancer, Pancreatic cancer)
Experience in Phase I
Cell-killing anticancer agent, Anti-EGFR antibody, Multikinase inhibitor, Immunomodulator, Anti-CD52 antibody, Oncolytic virus
Work Experience as Consultant
Development strategy for Rare Disease, Development strategy when using data from other countries, Strategic site selection during competition, Strategy to prevent delay in patient enrollment, Protocol, ICF review, Research with KOL for development strategies and Markets, and development strategy in Japan for foreign venture companies.